Bloody Echelon Tour with HELL:ON (UA), TOTEM (POL), WASTED HEROES (UA)

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014 | 18:00 Uhr

Trash/Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal 

Thrash/Death metal – Ukraina
HELL:ON is probably the most dynamically developing Extreme Metal band from Ukraine – a country that already has a thriving metal scene. Without any doubt it holds the title of the ‘Most Touring Band’ from this county sharing the stage over the years with such metal giants as RAGE, KREATOR, AMORPHIS, ANATHEMA, NAPALM DEATH, ARCH ENEMY, SODOM, VADER, MEGADETH, WASP and others.
YouTube – here and here!

Metal – Poland
Totem- the female fronted, polish death core metal band deeply inspired by such bands as Slayer, Slipknot, Machine Head and Arch Enemy.
YouTube – here and here!

Wasted Heroes
Melodic Death Metal – Ukraina
Wasted Heroes are one of the most interesting and a very specific metal band from Ukraine. You would never find the borders of music styles mixing in Wasted Heroes’s songs. Arousing, heartfelt, driven, hard fast, melodical, death, metal, rock music with powerful hardcore breakdowns and cleans. With good use of vocals and lyrics. From both the demonic, devilish strong voice and the ordinary bewitching, captivating, sweet, enriching strong guys that is dynamite and bloody standing.
The band currently released 2 singles, full-length album called “Between the Worlds”(2010) and official music video performing “Till The End” track from last release “Living For The Moment” (2013) (EP).
After Ukrainian and European tours band has concentrated to work on the tracks for the second album. Nevertheless the band continue touring and looking for new opportunities.
YouTube – here!

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